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This is the first album from The Blue Van’s back-to-basics outfit, The Van. Made 100% by the band themselves to showcase the bands musical esthetics and joie de vivre. Recorded live to capture the band as a tight unit and focusing on the overall feel of the recording, not so much the individual performance.

Side A
1. Tank Chase (Intro)
2. P.O.P.
3. Wanna Good Lyf
4. Rose Of Jericho
5. I Gotta Learn How To Lose

Side B
6. You’re Not Fine (Unless You Surrender)
7. Why You Gotta Be That Way
8. Little Losers
9. Vanilla Sky
10. Tank Chase (Outro)

LP Colored Vinyl 12" available in YELLOW, ORANGE and MAGENTA (see pictures).

Album artwork by Steffen Westmark
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