Code Elektro - Superbundle (3xLP)

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SUPER BUNDLE - save money! Get all three critically acclaimed Code Elektro albums at an awesome price.

The Super bundle includes:
- "Superstrings" (Purple/black splatters 140 gram vinyl)
- "TRIADS" (Black vinyl, 140 gram)
- "WOLF" (Gatefold cover with 180 gram black vinyl)
- Free download codes included for all albums

ONLY €59.99 (normal price €70.97)!!

REVIEWS of Superstrings:
- Dirty Sound Disco: "The Unofficial TRON Soundtrack"
- This-Is-Cool: "Essential listening for any sci-fi fan!"

- TL80s Synthwaves: "4.1 out of 5 stars"
- Synthwaver: "you can listen how much love and effort is behind this album"

- GAFFA: "5 of 6 stars"
- Vinyl Sphere: "9 of 10 stars"

Kilian Eng has created the cover illustration for Superstrings.
Jon Gotlev has designed the WOLF cover.
John Bergin has designed the TRIADS cover (Stranger Things, DRIVE, Mr. Robot).

Worldwide shipping.
Paypal and Stribe (VISA + more)

The TRIADS and WOLF vinyl have been mastered to NORDIC DYNAMIC specifications, which ensure more detail and better sound quality through the use of minimum compression and limiters.

Enjoy your albums!



Image of Code Elektro - Superbundle (3xLP) Image of Code Elektro - Superbundle (3xLP) Image of Code Elektro - Superbundle (3xLP)